Verse by Verse: Luke 21 and Matthew 24

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Now I want you please to turn your Bibles to the gospel according to Luke, Chapter 21. And I would like you also to have your Bibles turn to Matthew Chapter 24. You know that these two portions of the Word of God, eh, give the fullest and the most detailed account of world conditions as they will be just prior to the time when the Lord return. Both of these chapters are dealing with the return of the Lord as King of kings and Lord of lords when He comes to this earth. They are not dealing with a translation of the church, although the church is going to be translated before that event. And therefore, a-, as the lord is talking about the things that are going to point to the name of His return in glory. How much more, eh, do they become significant in our day in regard to the translation of the church?


Biola Hour; Eschatology; Luke 21;


Biblical Studies