Seven last sayings of Christ: The Word of Forgiveness, Luke 23:33-34

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I want that you should ponder with me during these mornings the significance of the seven last words that fell from the lips of the Lord Jesus Christ while He was upon the earth.

No longer will those hands rest upon the heads of little children or touch the leper. His earthly ministry is over. His hands are nailed. His feet are nailed. He cannot place His hands upon heads in blessing and He cannot go on any journeys. And so He gives Himself to the ministry of intercession. "Then said Jesus unto Him, 'Father forgive them for they know not what they do.'" My friends. What a wonderful lesson this is to those listening to me this morning who because of sickness or infirmities of old age can no longer be used in active service.

The Lord Jesus Christ is putting before us what a wonderful ministry the ministry of prayer is.


Prayer; Jesus Christ--Seven last words


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