Ministry and Person of the Holy Spirit

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We're happy again friends to share with you the continuing study of the ministry and the person of the Holy Spirit. But I wanted to share with you today the fact that out of the Word of God, we have the Spirit of God dealing expressly with the individual and it is about this particular phase and fast set of the Spirit's work that we want to speak for just a moment. Herein lies the most striking contrast between His relationship to men under the old covenant, and His relationship to men under the new. Under the old covenant in the Old Testament hour, His work upon individuals was more trenchant. That is He would come upon for a certain task or even a certain purpose, and then He would leave when all of this had been accomplished. In the New Testament however, His relationship to the individual is always internal, it’s always constant, and it is always abiding.


Biola Radio; Holy Spirit;


BR_156, 7" reel, R287, date originally recorded KBBI, aired KWSO Oct 5, 1959.


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