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This is the most comprehensive and extensive of all the outline books which we have prepared for Bible study; there is a comment on practically every verse in ISAIAH. We trust that there is something helpful in every comment on this magnificent prophecy. If Isaiah is "The Prince of Prophets," then the Book of Isaiah is the most majestic of all the books of prophecy. It has been our intention in these pages to direct the attention of the reader to the Person of the One who is both Saviour and Sovereign. No attempt has been made to create an artistic production-rather our effort is to place tools in the hands of those who long to dig for treasure in the Word of God. This book is practical rather than poetic. It is geared to everyday living, not to the hypothetical theories of theologians.


Isaiah--Outlines, syllabi, etc.

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Church of the Open Door


Los Angeles

Initiation into Isaiah



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