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Mr. T. C. Horton, who had been a constant and very appreciative attendant at all the services, stepped up to me and, gently laying his hand upon my shoulder, said in a very tender tone, "I think you ought to preach a sermon on 'Jesus The Prophet.' It would be very timely." I have seldom been able to speak on subjects others suggest; I am compelled usually to get subjects directly from God; and furthermore, I had never spoken or written a line directly upon this subject. Never the less, I said "I will think about it." That very afternoon I went alone with God and asked Him, and I received a command from a Higher Authority than Mr. Horton or any human authority: "Preach three sermons, one on Jesus The Prophet, one on Jesus The Priest, and one on Jesus The King," and I obeyed.


Jesus Christ--Person and offices--Sermons

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Biblical Studies | Christianity

Jesus, the prophet, the priest, the king



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