EJ Pace Christian Cartoons




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25 x 21.5 cm, Pen, Ink, and Marker(?) on Cardstock. Illustration of Tom Paine and parchment of paper with book excerpt.

No, dear reader, this is not a page from a modernist text-book, although, we must confess, it sounds like it.; "In every point of view in which those things called miracles can be placed, or considered, the reality of them is improbable, and their existence unnecessary. They would not answer any useful purpose, even if they were true; for it is more difficult to obtain belief to a miracle, than to a principle evidently mora without any miracle. Moral principle speaks universally for itself. Miracle could be but a thing of the moment, and seen but by a few; after this it requires a transfer of faith from God to man to believe a miracle on man's report, etc, etc."; Excerpt from "The Age of Reason" by Tom Paine-page 56.


Tom Paine;