BFA 2017-2018 Senior Show Catalog


BFA 2017-2018 Senior Show Catalog



Exhibition catalog for December 2017 and Spring 2018 Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) thesis exhibitions in the Earl & Virginia Green Art Gallery at Biola University.

In Particular - photography - Emily Hayashida;

Cross Over Move Into - photography - Marika Adamopoulos;

In progress - photography - Shelby Montelongo;

have a dream and have a job and - photography - Jordan Wilson;

One Thing at a Time Frankie - drawing & painting - Kat Ashdown;

"How's Your Family?" - Interdisciplinary - Janna Christian;

Transept - drawing & painting - Rebecca Mott;

Mr. Pareidolia - Interdisciplinary - Delanie Eng;

Mojo - Interdisciplinary - Trevor Lunde;

Gas Bill - drawing & painting - Michelle Parada;

Exactly Not It - Interdisciplinary - Amanda Delaplane;

I’ll Be There for You Sometimes - Interdisciplinary - Brianna Eng;

Recovered - drawing & painting - Laura Webster;

Embody - drawing & painting - Wesleigh Byrd;

More Accidentally on Purpose - Interdisciplinary - Lisa Tixier;

The Darkness He Called Night - drawing & painting - Kaila Williams;

Invitation - sculpture - Kibbi Peng;

Dynamo Genesis - design - Tony Walsh;

Ambient - design - Chad Swanson;

December Eleventh - Interdisciplinary - Jeddiah Angkasa;

Side Eye - design - Sean Leone;

Publication Date

Spring 2018


Drawing; Painting; Interdisciplinary; Sculpture; Design

Exhibit Type

Exhibit, senior

Document Type

Exhibition Catalog


Art and Design | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Painting | Sculpture


The program is designed to give art students flexibility to choose from one of five emphases: design, painting, photography, sculpture, or interdisciplinary. Design integrates a fine arts perspective into a curriculum that emphasizes conceptual thinking and develops technical proficiency in a variety of areas including print-based graphic design, web design and motion graphics. Painting embraces traditional and non-traditional approaches to drawing and painting while engaging students in current discourses within the discipline. Photography focuses on integrating the skills of black and white darkroom techniques with contemporary digital color practices to produce conceptually driven, photo-based art. Sculpture equips students to think creatively while developing proficiency in a variety of three-dimensional fabrication techniques including additive and subtractive processes, modeling, carving, mold-making and casting. The Interdisciplinary emphasis allows students flexibility in developing a custom art curriculum that blends upper-level studio courses from multiple disciplines.

BFA 2017-2018 Senior Show Catalog