Voice in the void


Voice in the void



This exhibition features artworks that confront and explore the relationship between the void space and us: the artist, the viewer, the human. A void is more than just an empty space, it can be a formal component of an artwork such as: the negative space in a sculpture, an expanse of color across a canvas, or the embodiment of a feeling. A void can also be a problem or an unknown we must all confront. It can be painful or it can be wonderful...

These 24 student artists boldly confront and search the relationship between listening and answering. This show explores this aspect of the human experience and how we express ourselves in the midst of physical or emotional absence. Our goal is for these voices to reach beyond the void.

Curatorial team: Brooke Braden, Adrianna Coe, Jessica Dueker, Savannah Morra, Elaina Swanson

Old Soul, New Life - drawing - Adrianna Coe;

Formless and Void - painting - Devan Carpentier;

All Dolled Up - Jessica Byrd;

5’ 11” - film - Kathryn Ashford;

Untitled ( 10) - photography - MIchael Hallman;

Untitled (response to California Life) - ceramic - Hannah Brown;

Untitled (#1) - Sarah Sundberg;

Untitled 10.1-2 - drawing - Sarah Starck;

March - drawing - Cherish Travnick;

Untitled - photography - Daniel Lambert;

Fertilizing the Lawn With Calcium # 1 and Fertilizing the Lawn With Calcium # 4 - mixed media - Hope Daley;

Love Your Home - photography - Ludo Krabbendam;

You Could Sense That I Was There - photography - Nico Hernandez;

Parallel - photography - Melanie Kim;

A Captured World ( Wild) - painting - Rachel Emanaker;

Untitled (#1) - photography - Michael Hallman;

Platform - photography - Kira Bester;

Untitled - sculpture - Alexis Aquilina;

False Memories - drawing - Alex Sarina;

150. But Who’s Counting? - mixed media - Jessica Byrd;

Words of Condemnation - photography - Ryan Cook;

Anxiety - photography - Shelby Montelongo;

Just Hold On - drawing, mixed media - Jessica Byrd;

The First Release - mixed media - Savannah Morra;

It Was Like a Fire - painting, mixed media - Alexis Aquilina;

The Blessing - sculpture - Hannah Brown;

Psalm 8 - audio - Michelle Lum;

What Are You Running From? and Haunted - photography - Chris Rasmussen;

48.75° N, 122.47° W (1-3) - photography - Chris Rasmussen;

Lighted Shadow - photography - Kira Bester;

On The Road - photography - Kira Bester;

Possession - mixed media - Alex Sarina;

Silence (Organized) - mixed media - Rachel Emenaker;

"The gesture, not the substance of a prayer” - painting - Alexis Aquilina;

Conversation and Breathe - photography - Cody Kim;

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sculpture; ceramic; photography; painting; mixed mediz

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Exhibit, student

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Art and Design | Ceramic Arts | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media | Painting | Sculpture


Cover artwork: Design by Melanie Kim. Featuring Lighted Shadow (detail) by Kira Bester. Voice in the Void (exhibition catalog). Editor: Jeff Rau. Book design by Melanie Kim.

All documentation photographs by Jeff Rau, from exhibition in the Earl & Virginia Green Art Gallery.


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Voice in the void