And Who is My Neighbor: Stories From the Margins


And Who is My Neighbor: Stories From the Margins



Catalog for exhibition at the Earl & Virginia Green Art Gallery at Biola University, September 27 - October 28, 2016.

Curated by Nery Gabriel Lemus & Jeff Rau.

Featuring artwork by: Isabel Avila, Diedrick Brackens, Kent Anderson Butler, Alejandro Cartagena, Ramiro Gomez, Lauren Halsey, Nery Gabriel Lemus, Patrick Martinez, Amitis Motevalli, Cheryl Pope, Tali Weinberg, Dana Weiser, and Kehinde Wiley.

AND WHO IS MY NEIGHBOR: STORIES FROM THE MARGINS, brings together a diverse group of artists who respond to division and injustice by highlighting the stories of oppressed and marginalized people. At times these stories point to differences among us and the very real struggles faced by outsiders in our society; at other points the work focuses on our common-ground despite difference in an effort to bridge the divide. The exhibition title references an exchange between Jesus and another religious leader in the biblical story of the Good Samaritan. As the religious leader seeks to narrowly define who is covered by the command to “Love your neighbor,” Jesus instead tells a moral tale that centers on the love shown by a Samaritan man (a cultural outsider) to a man who had been beaten, robbed, and left for dead. At the end of the biblical encounter Jesus instructs us to, “Go and do likewise” — show mercy and love to all those in need.

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And Who is My Neighbor: Stories From the Margins