L.A. Tabulae ad Astra


L.A. Tabulae ad Astra



L.A.: Tabulae ad Astra (Los Angeles: Maps to the Stars) is a series of prints integrating portions of street maps of Los Angeles with gestural lines, impromptu marks from testing pen nibs, and cutting lines on boards—all unwittingly produced in the artist’s studio while working on other projects. The combined layers of intersecting and overlapping marks take on a surprising cartographic character that is reinforced by additional ancient map-like elements such as measurement grids, Latin phrases, beastiary, and scale markers. The resultant prints are also physically connected to the Los Angeles landscape, being printed on paper that was first soaked and stained in the waters of the L.A. River. Together Tabulae ad Astra plays on the constant tensions of control vs. freedom, order vs. complexity, safety vs. adventure, and city vs. wilderness.

Cover images: Design by Rebecca McKinney featuring Tab.10 and ephmera, by Dirk Hagner, courtesy of the artist. Artwork images by Dirk Hagner, courtesy of the artist. All other documentation photographs by Jeff Rau and Melanie Kim, from exhibition in the Earl & Virginia Green Art Gallery. L.A. Tabulae ad Astra (exhibition catalog), by Dirk Hagner Editor: Jeff Rau Contributing author: Karin Lanzoni Copyright © 2015 Earl & Virginia Green Art Gallery. Book design by Rebecca McKinney.

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printmaking; Dirk Hagner; woodcut; intaglio; letterpress

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Exhibit, professional

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Exhibition Catalog


Art and Design | Book and Paper | Printmaking


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L.A. Tabulae ad Astra