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For some years the expression "baptism of the Holy Spirit" has been heard little in Fundamental circles. Some Bible Institutes in recent years have abandoned the term in their teaching of the doctrine of the Spirit, except as it is confined to an initial collective experience of the early disciples at Pentecost. Whereas the great evangelists of the last generation exhorted men to "seek the baptism of the Spirit," and earnest ministers of all evangelical denominations, did the same, today the Pentecostalists seem to have a monopoly on the term (except for a few old-fashioned exhorters) and many Fundamentalists shun its use, holding it to be unscriptural for this age and savoring too much of extremism. In short, many seem to have decided upon the expression-"filling of the Spirit" in referring to the abundant life which is available to believers. Why is this?


Holy Spirit; Pentecostalism



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