Being Seen and Being Known : Jonathan Edwards’s Theological Anthropology


Being Seen and Being Known : Jonathan Edwards’s Theological Anthropology



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In a globalized world, networks are key, whether they are networks of people, ideas, or interests. In this volume of essays on the texts and teachings of Jonathan Edwards, contributors from each continent ask questions about how the world of Edwards explains or illuminates the world of today, whether in the area of systematics, missions, historiography, politics, church-planting, or biblical studies. Such diverse discourses enrich the networks of scholarship that the contributors represent, and provide a global snapshot of contemporary research in Edwards studies. These papers were presented in August 2015 at the Jonathan Edwards Congress held at Ridley College in Melbourne, Australia, where personal engagement with the topics at hand made the worldwide network of Edwards aficionados and scholars not merely a virtual aspiration but an experience in time and space. This book will not only inform its readers but surprise them as well, as they track the power of eighteenth century theological ideas in the late modern world. ""This is a superb collection of essays, which goes further than any volume on Edwards to date to underscore his truly international reach. Featuring chapters on Edwards' legacies in Britain and North America, Eastern Europe, southern Africa, and the land down under, along with interpretations of Edwards' thought by first-rate scholars from every continent on the globe (except Antarctica, of course), it represents the first fruits of the global Edwards Centers and, more importantly, the up-and-coming scholarship on Edwards by many working outside of Western Europe and North America.

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Edwards, Jonathan, 1703-1758



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The global Edwards : papers from the Jonathan Edwards Congress held in Melbourne, August 2015

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Being Seen and Being Known : Jonathan Edwards’s Theological Anthropology