Power women : stories of motherhood, faith & the academy


Power women : stories of motherhood, faith & the academy



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"The dominant narrative we hear as professor mothers is that motherhood and academia are incompatible."

Two challenging vocations, each filled with complexities and daily ups and downs. Yet more and more women are answering the call to both the academy and motherhood. A growing body of literature addresses parent-professors, but what about the particular needs of Christian women seeking to navigate both callings while living out their faith?

With Power Women, Nancy Wang Yuen and Deshonna Collier-Goubil have curated a unique resource by and for Christian academic mothers. This collection of essays includes the voices of women of different backgrounds, academic disciplines, institutions, and stages of parenting and career. Together contributors provide wisdom, encouragement, and solidarity for women who share a similar vocational journey. Combining research with personal stories, they address topics such as these:

  • how parenting and teaching can be mutually enriching
  • managing ambition, identity, and time
  • addressing misconceptions about motherhood in the academy, church, and society
  • navigating gender roles in marriage
  • taking maternity leave
  • flourishing as an adjunct professor
  • mentoring professor moms
  • resisting imposter syndrome by finding rest in God

There is no magic formula, but there are many paths to thriving in the call to motherhood and the academy. Christian academic moms will find in this book honest yet uplifting reminders that they are not alone. In addition, administrators, family members, and friends will grow in understanding and appreciation of the power women in their lives.


Mothers -- Religious life; Women college teachers -- Religious life; Motherhood -- Religious aspects -- Christianity



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Power women : stories of motherhood, faith & the academy