Lessons in Global Health Leadership: Learning to lead with humility and honor


Lessons in Global Health Leadership: Learning to lead with humility and honor



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Doctor Walker and her husband, Joseph, have over 14 years of experience working in various global health roles. They have navigated the strengths, weaknesses, and tensions between faith-based organizations, mission trips, research, and government entities all working within the international community context. This book provides lessons learned from the field. Readers will walk through a journey of self-reflection, analyze world views, grow in cultural competence, understand what true partnership is, and gain practical skills for the field. How do you come alongside international partners and truly make a difference? What tools can help you identify unbiased community needs and the steps to help meet them? How do you balance international relationships and data collection? When do you know collaborative programs are successful? Is team culture or team structure more important? What are your strengths and how do you use those to lead others? What subconscious biases or perspectives do you carry into your global health work? How can you continually grow as a leader? How can you work in the field of global health and walk out your faith? Where is the line between church mission trips and global health research? Have you ever asked any of the questions above? This book addresses all of those topics and more. It was designed to provoke thoughts, ideas, and reflections for growth, particularly in leadership positions and international settings. Each chapter has clear learning objectives, along with stories from the field, and chapter reflection questions to promote personal growth. The progression of the book starts with personal reflection activities, then moves into honor and cultural competence, and ends with preparation and practical tools for global health work.


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Lessons in Global Health Leadership: Learning to lead with humility and honor