Campus voices : a student-to student guide to college life


Campus voices : a student-to student guide to college life



College students face a world of adjustments as they take on the challenges of campus life. One of the biggest tests is learning to thrive spiritually in the midst of chaotic and sometimes confusing change. Campus Voices is a collection of spiritual and practical reflections written by students, for students, that take an honest look at the most common difficulties and opportunities that college students encounter. These weekly readings are written by students from a variety of Christian and secular institutions, over 20 schools are represented and each entry opens a window into real campus experiences. Readers will instantly identify with the authentic voices of students finding their way through the maze of college life while growing their relationships with God. Reading are accompanied by journaling space and recommended Scripture readings to further encourage students to thrive.



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Voices of experience and insight -- Amazing times / Jennifer Tibett -- A day in life / Rebecca Whitten Poe -- Choice matters / Christopher Louis Frank -- Loving the sisterhood / Alex Kerr -- Building hope / Nathan Barstad -- Major choices / Andrew Lawson Crist -- Blessed / Jennifer K. Rickabaugh -- Don't worry about a thing / Pierre Collins -- Voices of faith and doubt -- seeing god in color / Christina Goralski -- The mountaintop / Lauri Schakett -- The strength in weakness / Lisa Van Groningen -- To you I call / Kelline Linton -- My dumpster runneth over / Dustin Everett Schamaun -- Don't rock the boat / Rebecca Whitten Poe -- A whisper in the wind / Junghoo Song -- Can you hear him?/ Annruth Sarcone -- Voices of forgiveness and encouragment -- Forgiveness / Nathan Fisher -- Door number two / Kimberley Wilcox -- Guilt and forgiveness / Brent Godwin -- Evaluation / Rebeckah M. Reader -- Wake up! / Mandy McCullough -- When coffee isn't enough / Katie Dudgeon -- The call / Bret Burchard -- Twice as much / Courtney Veasey -- Voices of identity and personality -- Valer la Pena / Christine Baumgartner -- Shattered mirrors and accurate reflections / Jennifer Campbell -- Being my own person / Lauren E. Gossett -- Abc / Lynette Woo -- Beauty in failure / Kristyn Marie Johnson -- A handful of quietness / Elise Toedt -- When my best isn't good enough / Rebekah Cooper -- Just as I am / Kristen Lynn Sadler -- Voices of love and friendship -- Love without getting tired / Nicole Chin -- Grace revealed / Erin Harris -- The body of Christ and the band of the fighting Irish / Ricardo Nelson Pineda, Jr. -- Searching for a friend / Lisa Louie -- Not my will? / Laurie K. Hekman -- Learning how to love the abused / Rachel Watson -- Choosing God / Jessica Mollo -- Mommy and me / Jessica Schwarzberg -- Listen / Abraham Sherman -- Voices of suffering and hope -- Open-heart surgery / Katy Beers -- Moving on / Becky Compton -- Hope / Justin Michael Hanvey -- Releasing the reins / Renae Matz -- He never leaves ... / Karla Florence Noles -- Focus / Jonathan Blake -- Peace that passes understanding / Cathy Hansen -- Sufficient grace / Allison Jean Hart -- Relying on God / Michelle Bartosh -- Voices of humanity and the world -- Community dogs and the least of our brothers / Adrienne Chaudoin -- The least of these / Jamalin Harp -- A house for faith / Christina Waken -- Whatever doesn;t kill you / Joshua Prichard -- Race / Michelle Hopf -- On the rocks / Heather Buchanan -- Voices of growth and sharing -- Adding to the brightness / Rebekah Cooper -- Nails / Kasey Dee Dobbs -- Stressed to impress / Abraham Sherman -- Living with the parents / Andrew M. Obenchain -- Killing the weeds / Jennifer Francois -- Priesthood, marriage, and salsa dancing / Ricardo Nelson Pineda, Jr.

Campus voices : a student-to student guide to college life