International Journal of Christianity and English Language Teaching


This qualitative study explored the challenges faced by national and international Christian English teachers in Honduras. There is an identified need for empirical studies which include a broader range of participants outside of North American teachers working in international contexts (Kubanyiova, 2013; Loptes, 2009). Data were gathered from 44 teachers through an online questionnaire and individual and focus group interviews. Three categories emerged through the analysis of the data: 1) social challenges and strategies related to living in Honduras, 2) professional challenges and strategies related to lack of support, and 3) the role of faith in teachers’ personal and professional lives. This study is important as it includes the voices of both national and international Christian teachers, in a country with significant educational and societal challenges. More research is required to explore the challenges faced by Christian English teachers worldwide and to address how to support these teachers in both their professional and personal journeys.



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