International Journal of Christianity and English Language Teaching

Article Title

Gift of Language


origin of language, divine creation, evolutionary theories, language instinct, image of God


What is the significance of language? As language teachers, we use it as a medium of communication and as the basis for every lesson we prepare. Could it be more than just a tool of communication or a target for students to strive for? Language actually serves as primary evidence of God’s creation of humankind in His image. Even secular thinkers marvel at the “language instinct” of human beings and regard it as the distinguishing mark of humanity, setting us apart from all other creatures. Considering the amazing wonder of language, any explanation of its origin requires a step of faith. For the theist, the most reasonable explanation for language is divine creation. From the first chapter of Genesis, language plays a pivotal role in revealing God’s character. The God who spoke the universe into existence created humankind in His image, and human language ability reflects God’s personality and reveals His Trinitarian nature. Our gift of communication shows our intense longing for communion with God and with other image-bearers. As language teachers, carefully stewarding this precious treasure, we follow His pattern of “speaking beauty into the chaos” of this world.



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