Rule of Life: Cultivating Rythms for Spiritual Transformation Part 1

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ISF Lecture; Bartimaeus; Spiritual formation;


Christian Spirituality and Soul Care ISF Lecture

How many of you have a plan for your budget or some, you know, it's on paper anyway. I'm not saying you're living it or anything like that, but it's on paper. [laughs] How many of you have an educational goal? I'm sure that many people in this room have an educational goal. How many of you have some area in your home that you'd like to improve in some way? Anybody? All right. How many of you have a plan that you tried to adhere to relative to taking care of your body, whether it's dieting or exercise, anything like that?

Okay. Well, what I discovered is that many people have much more of a plan for those areas of their lives than they do relative to their spiritual life. And if you were to ask people, what are you wanting for your spiritual life? And then secondly, how are you planning to get there, you might get kind of a blank, confused look. And that is unfortunate, because of course, the scriptures say that all of the physical disciplines just benefit us for a short time in this life, but the disciplines of godliness benefit us for eternity.