Unbelievable Goal of the Spiritual Life Part 1

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ISF Lecture; Spiritual maturity; Thomas Merton;


Christian Spirituality and Soul Care

I want to share with you tonight is that there's probably something even more significant than that for which going to heaven when we die is a result. So, let's uh, think together about this unbelievable goal of the, of the spiritual life.

But a spiritual maturity framed by the parameters of ordinary existence is a false maturity. As Thomas Merton says, if we are involved only in our surface existence, in externals, and in the trivial concerns of our ego, we are untrue to God and to ourselves. To reach a true awareness of God as well as ourselves, we have to renounce our selfish and limited self, and enter into a whole new kind of existence, discovering an inner center of motivation and love which makes us see ourselves and everything else in an entirely new light.