ISF20000900: Unconscious Theology and Spirituality Part 2

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Fall 2000


Unconscious theology; Soul care;


Christian spirituality & soul care lecture series

All right, now we get a little bit more into the unconscious theology and the spirituality, we've been trying to give you a flavor of what an unconscious might pick up and be about theology. What's that? Deep down, it's basically what we believe about God. And by the way, I think ourselves and the God's relationship that's really going on and it's going to be our deep thoughts, our deep assumptions that, like John said, you know, we can have a cognitive knowledge of something, but we have a stronger knowledge of something else working down here.

We want to work that for spirituality for tonight. I'm just basically defining it is unconscious theology and spirituality, spirituality pertaining to our relationship to God got into an interesting discussion on the break about spirit and why. How do you define and where do you get resources for that? But basically our relationship, our spirit to God's spirit and what we're aiming for. And I come back to John for twenty for that we worship God in spirit. And in truth tonight, our emphasis is on getting to the truth part.