Journal of Messianic Jewish Studies


Chosen People Ministries; Joseph Hoffman Cohn;


The Life and Times of Leopold Cohn conference, Dec. 4-6, 2019

Joseph Hoffman Cohn served as the second General Secretary of Chosen People Ministries and I have the joy of serving as the seventh leader of this 125 year old Mission to the Jewish people. Joseph was a prolific writer and communicator. His writings, sermons, and radio broadcasts span multiple decades. It is almost impossible to catalog and communicate his thinking about God, the Messiah, the Jewish people and work of the Mission with due justice, due to the sheer volume of his contributions. However, I will attempt to give a brief summary of his life and accomplishments and then turn our attention to the variety of shaping experiences that impacted his life and the strategies, methods and values, which he then communicated to an organization that continues until this very day. As it is with so many great leaders, their true legacy is not the organization, buildings, programs, funding or institutions they built, but rather it is the values and the ways in which they shaped the future of the organization they led. This is the legacy of Joseph Hoffman Cohn.



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