Justice, Spirituality & Education Journal


Calvin Roso


Faith and learning;


I am at my best being and serving in the trenches – having my boots on the ground – mentoring students to meet the needs of others. As a Christian educator, I feel compelled to help others make a sustainable impact on the lives of those who cannot help themselves. The desire to help others is an important part of professional and personal journey in understanding faith and learning integration (FLI). In the past I have felt that faith and learning integration was a great technique to train students to help others. I also believe that the integration of faith and learning should help students understand how the Bible applies to real life. However, due to the teacher-centered approach to FLI (where the teacher tells students what FLI is instead of enabling students to discover for themselves how faith applies to everyday life), the integration process can potentially become an empty academic exercise that has minimal lasting impact on students’ lives. I believe that FLI should be both authentic and practical. In addition, it should be impactful – FLI should have a transformational and lasting impact on students’ minds, beliefs, and actions. I have concluded that faith and learning in action is a transformational and sustainable approach to biblical integration that can help students and adults grow in spiritually, academically, and professionally. This study describes my reflections as an educator and researcher studying faith and learning integration in contexts beyond the classroom. Autobiographical narratives of multiple strands of experience and research are presented and analyzed to explain pivotal turning points in my life both in and outside of the classroom. The reader is asked to consider these stories and their outcomes as my interpretation of how readings, events, and reflections have influenced my beliefs, theories, and actions in the area of faith and learning.



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