Biola’s annual Missions Conference is currently the largest student-led Missions Conference in the world. Every year since the foundation of this mobilizing movement, Biola’s Missions Conference has sought to educate, equip and inspire students to embrace their role in the completion of the Great Commission.

We transmit this vision to the student body during the three-day conference. Classes are canceled, which allows the entire student body to concentrate more fully on receiving or remembering their role in the completion of the Great Commission. We attempt to accomplish this vision through the utilization of speakers, bands, worship, cultural events, global awareness and other activities to bring the nations to Biola’s campus and ignite students’ hearts for the glory of God.

Hosted By: Student Missionary Union : The Student Missionary Union (SMU) is the largest student-led missions organization in the United States. We currently maintain a staff of 30 students as well as hundreds of student volunteers. Since 1923, SMU has grown from a small group of students passionate about missions to an organization that aims to be a resource for Biola undergraduate students to participate in the Great Commission.

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Missions Conference 2010 - 81st : Let the be light, John 1:1-5
Missions Conference 2009 - 80th
Missions Conference 2008 - 79th
Missions Conference 2007 - 78th : Recounting His Wonders; Declaring His Glory
Missions Conference 2006 - 77th : 2 Corinthians 2:14
Missions Conference 2004 - 75th
Missions Conference 2003 - 74th : Appointed and Empowered to Go and Bear Eternal Fruit to the Glory of the Father
Missions Conference 2002 - 73rd
Missions Conference 2001 - 72nd : Perfect in unity, so that they may know.
Missions Conference 2000 - 71st : The love of Christ compels us
Mission Conference 1999 - 70th : Delighting in the Passion of His Heart, as Stewards of His Grace
Missions Conference 1998 - 69th : Set Apart; to declare God's priase to a dying world
Missions Conference 1997 - 68th
Missions Conference 1996 - 67th : Renew your mind. Submit your will. Commit your life
Missions Conference 1995 - 66th : We believe therefore we speak, 2 Corinthians 4:13
Missions Conference 1994 - 65th : Then Peter said, "Silver and gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk." Acts 3:6
Mission Conference 1993 - 64th : Free for Service Galations 5:13
Missions Conference 1992 - 63rd : Beyond all Fear
Missions Conference 1991 - 62nd : Passion for our Generation
Missions Conference 1990 - 61st : Do you love me?
Missions Conference 1989 - 60th : The Heart of God
Missions Conference 1988 - 59th : a call to involvement
Missions Conference 1987 - 58th : The Battle is the Lord's