Sizzl' for bass trombone (or tuba) and piano

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This work was commissioned and premiered by Ilan Morgenstern and Christopher Wills in the Spring of 2009. It is intensely virtuosic throughout and is meant to depict a driving, breathless, frenzied state that is “too hot to handle.” Even the slower middle section of the piece is extremely intense, much as the deliberately precise movements of a tango evoke a sense of dangerous static electricity. In the concluding section the performers are directed to play “as fast as possible;” the heading over the first measure completes the truncated title, and reads “…n’ Hot!”

Sizzl’ is included on Ilan Morgenstern’s album entitled It’s Alive. The album exclusively features the low-brass works written by Robert Denham. Visit http://www.itsalivecd.com/

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