Submissions from 2018


Millennial Learners and Faculty Credibility: Exploring the Mediating Role of Out-of-Class Communication, Carolyn Mae Kim


Social Media Education: Industry Leader Recommendations for Curriculum and Faculty Competencies, Carolyn Mae Kim


Stewardship, credibility and political communications: A content analysis of the 2016 election, Carolyn Mae Kim


Teaching Digital and Social Media Analytics: Exploring Best Practices and Future Implications for Public Relations Pedagogy, Carolyn Mae Kim

God Forgive Us for Being Women : Rhetoric, Theology, and the Pentecostal Tradition, Joy E.A. Qualls

Submissions from 2017

On the strange place of religious writing in contemporary art, Jonathan A. Anderson


Silence in an Age of Mass Media : John Cage and the Art of Living, Jonathan A. Anderson


Out-of-class Communication and Personal Learning Environments via Social Media: Students’ Perceptions and Implications for Faculty Social Media Use, Carolyn Mae Kim

Winsome persuasion : Christian influence in a post-Christian world, Tim Muehlhoff and Rick Langer

Submissions from 2016

Modern art and the life of a culture : the religious impulses of modernism, Jonathan A. Anderson and Lloyd T. Anderson


Hootsuite University: Equipping Academics and Future PR Professionals for Social Media Success, Carolyn Mae Kim

Social media campaigns : strategies for public relations and marketing, Carolyn Mae Kim


State of Social Media Curriculum: Exploring Professional Expectations of Pedagogy and Practices to Equip the Next Generation of Professionals, Carolyn Mae Kim


Work Calling: Exploring the Communicative Intersections of Meaningful Work and Organizational Spirituality, K. Arianna Molloy

Christians in the Argument Culture: Apologetics as Conversation, Tim Muehlhoff

Submissions from 2015


Conceptualizing Credibility in Social Media Spaces of Public Relations, Carolyn Mae Kim


Pedagogical Approaches to Student-Run PR Firms Using Service Learning: A Case Study, Carolyn Mae Kim


Religious Rhetoric and Satire: Investigating the Comic and Burlesque Frames Within The Big Bang Theory, K. Arianna Molloy and Todd V. Lewis

Submissions from 2014


Contingency and Faithfulness : Francis Alÿs and the (Re)Presentation of St. Fabiola, Jonathan A. Anderson


Painting Pentecost : The Spirit-filled Art of Sawai Chinnawong, Jonathan A. Anderson

Renewing Christian theology : systematics for a global Christianity, Jonathan A. Anderson


Bridge Discourses and Organizational Ideologies: Managing Spiritual and Secular Communication in a Faith-Based, Nonprofit Organization, K. Arianna Molloy

Make your job a calling resource guide, K. Arianna Molloy

I beg to differ : navigating difficult conversations with truth and love, Tim Muehlhoff

In the World : Self-disclosure as Cultural Apologetics, Tim Muehlhoff

Submissions from 2013


Service Learning: What Faculty Can Learn from the Theory of Coordinated Management of Meaning, Carolyn Mae Kim

Submissions from 2010

Marriage forecasting : changing the climate of your relationship one conversation at a time, Tim Muehlhoff

Authentic communication : Christian speech engaging culture, Tim Muehlhoff and Todd V. Lewis

Submissions from 2006


Monks, marriage, and manuscripts: Matthew Parker's manipulation (?) of AElfric of Eynsham, Aaron J. Kleist

Submissions from 2005

He Started it! : Everyday Communication in Parenting, Tim Muehlhoff

Submissions from 2004


Faith and Scholarship: Points of Overlap, Tim Muehlhoff