Submissions from 2020


Reading to Listen and Writing to Speak: A Pedagogical Challenge for the Selfie Age, Bethany Williamson

Submissions from 2019


Inexhaustible Mines and Post-lapsarian Decay: The End of Improvement in Defoe's Tour, Bethany Williamson


Societal Polyphony in Burney and Austen: Using Digital Tools to Invite Students into the Conversation, Bethany Williamson

Submissions from 2018


Problem with the Satan Hypothesis: Natural Evil and Fallen Angel Theodicies, Kent Dunnington


Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders on TV, Nancy Wang Yuen

Submissions from 2017

The rise of network christianity : how independent leaders are changing the religious landscape, Brad Christerson

Metaphysics : a contemporary introduction, Thomas M. Crisp

Awakening the desert and harnessing the Colorado River : power, romance, and the ethics of water in the Imperial Valley, 1890-1940, Alicia M. Dewey

Ranching across borders : the making of a transnational cattle industry in the Texas-Mexico borderlands, Alicia M. Dewey


Intellectual Humility and the Ends of the Virtues: Conflicting Aretaic Desiderata, Kent Dunnington

Submissions from 2016

Tricks every boy can do, Paul Buchanan

Costs of Diversity in Religious Organizations: An In - Depth Case Stud, Brad Christerson

Reel inequality : Hollywood actors and racism, Nancy Wang Yuen

Submissions from 2015

Uncertain center : essays of Arthur C. McGill, Kent Dunnington

Perfecting the constitution : the case for the article v amendment process., Darren Patrick Guerra

Confucius for Christians : what an ancient Chinese worldview can teach us about life in Christ, Gregg A. Ten Elshof


Realism's Operative Paradox: Character Autonomy vs. Authorial Construction in Middlemarch, Maria Su Wang

Submissions from 2014

Christian scholarship in the twenty-first century : prospects and perils, Thomas M. Crisp, Stephen L. Porter, and Gregg A. Ten Elshof

Pesos and dollars entrepreneurs in the Texas-Mexico borderlands, 1880-1940, Alicia M. Dewey

Actors, Asian American, Nancy Wang Yuen

Submissions from 2013


Race, Religious Organizations, and Integration, Brad Christerson


On coercion, love, and horrors, Thomas M. Crisp


Discreditable Origins and the Significance of Natural Theology, Gregg A. Ten Elshof

Submissions from 2012

Campus survival guide: representing Christ on campus, Paul Buchanan

Religion and America's urban youth, Brad Christerson


Women Faculty at an Evangelical University: The Paradox of Religiously Driven Gender Inequalities and High Job Satisfaction, Brad Christerson, M. Elizabeth Lewis Hall, and Shelly Cunningham

Varieties of Accidental Necessity by Thomas P. Flint, Thomas M. Crisp

Originality and Commonality in Montaigne’s Citations, Victor Hugo Velazquez

Submissions from 2011

Evolutionary Objection to the Argument from Evil, Thomas M. Crisp


Is Christian Zionism based on bad theology?., Judith Mendelsohn Rood and Paul W. Rood

On Much Ado About Nothing, Melissa Schubert

Submissions from 2010

Growing up in America : the power of race in the lives of teens, Brad Christerson


Dilemma for internalism?, Thomas M. Crisp

Fugitive Visions, Silence, and Song in Li - Young Lee’s ‘Furious Versions, Marc Malandra



Playing ‘ghetto’: black actors, stereotypes, and authenticity, Nancy Wang Yuen

Submissions from 2009

Campus voices : a student-to student guide to college life, Paul Buchanan

The last place I want to be : a novel, Paul Buchanan

Welcoming the stranger? immigration and justice in a global economy, Brad Christerson

On Believing that the Bible is Divinely Inspire, Thomas M. Crisp

Assembling Ælfric: Reconstructing the Rationale Behind Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Compilations, Aaron J. Kleist


Confucius and Jesus on Responding to Injury: A Comparative Reflection, Gregg A. Ten Elshof

I told me so : self-deception and the Christian life, Gregg A. Ten Elshof


Asian American Vote: The Role of Race in News Media Coverage of the 2008 Democratic Primaries, Nancy Wang Yuen

Submissions from 2008

Student to student : a guide to college life, Paul Buchanan

Politics and the plague in early modern Germany : political efforts to combat health epidemics in the duchy of Braunschweig-Wolfenbüttel during the seventeenth century, Daniel Eric Christensen


Suspending the debate about divine sovereignty and human freedom., David M. Ciocchi

Matthew Parker, Old English, and the Defense of Priestly Marriage, Aaron J. Kleist

Striving with grace : views of free will in Anglo-Saxon England, Aaron J. Kleist


The Ælfric of Eynsham Project: An Introduction, Aaron J. Kleist

Vernacular Treatments of the Ten Commandments in Anglo-Saxon England, Aaron J. Kleist


Intercommunal Relations in Jerusalem During Egyptian Rule (1834-1841): Part 2, Judith Mendelsohn Rood


Missing in action: "framing" race on prime-time television, Nancy Wang Yuen

Submissions from 2007

Orthodoxies and heterodoxies in early modern German culture : order and creativity, 1550-1750, Daniel Eric Christensen


Presentism and The Grounding Objection, Thomas M. Crisp

Presentism, Eternalism and Relativity Physics, Thomas M. Crisp

Old English homily : precedent, practice, and appropriation, Aaron J. Kleist


Casting Lines After a Master: Elizabeth Bishop in the Undergraduate Classroom, Marc Malandra


Intercommunal Relations in Jerusalem during Egyptian Rule (1834-1841), Judith Mendelsohn Rood

Teaching C.S. Lewis : a handbook for professors, church leaders, and Lewis enthusiast, Lyle Smith


Religious Experience, Conceptual Contribution and the Problem of Diversity, Gregg A. Ten Elshof

Without a trace : Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in prime-time television, Nancy Wang Yuen

Submissions from 2006

Knowledge and reality : essays in honor of Alvin Plantinga, Thomas M. Crisp


Time the Peasants Entered Jerusalem: The revolt against Ibrahim Pasha in the Islamic court sources, Judith Mendelsohn Rood

Submissions from 2005

Against all odds : the struggle for racial integration in religious organizations, Brad Christerson

Presentism, Thomas M. Crisp


Wholly Present' Defined, Thomas M. Crisp

Introspection vindicated : an essay in defense of the perceptual model of self knowledge, Gregg A. Ten Elshof

Submissions from 2004

Sacred law in the Holy City : the Khedival challenge to the Ottomans as seen from Jerusalem, 1829-1841, Judith Mendelsohn Rood

Performing race, negotiating identity : Asian American professional actors in Hollywood, Nancy Wang Yuen

Submissions from 2003


Costs of Diversity in Religious Organizations: An In-depth Case Study, Brad Christerson

Influence of Bede’s De temporum ratione on Ælfric’s Understanding of Time, Aaron J. Kleist

Submissions from 2002


Religious Adequacy of Free-Will Theism, David M. Ciocchi


Division of the Ten Commandments in Anglo-Saxon England., Aaron J. Kleist

Submissions from 2000

GenX religion, Richard W. Flory