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Walking with Jesus in the Real World Pt.1


"What would you like put on your tombstone?" Think about that for a moment. What would you like put on yours? But where were these disciples when Jesus was there at the cross? What happened to those who had been so close to the Master? Well I suggest the following reasons which are absolutely crucial for us today because they also tell us something about ourselves. Now these are not in your notes. So you're getting more than your money's worth out of this. Uhh. Why did Jesus disciples abandon Him at the cross? First of all, I would suggest that they did not understand clearly who Jesus was. They had walked with Him. They had confessed Him. They had understood, at least in part, who He was. But even at this point, after having followed Him for at least three years, they did not understand clearly who Jesus was.


Discipleship; Jesus Christ; Christian life

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