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Repairing the Breach: Part 2B


Tony Campolo


...The 25th chapter of Matthew, where Jesus describes Judgment Day, and in the end makes the judgment in these terms, "Whatever you do to the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you do to Me." Now let me just say what that means. Somebody says, well, a particular religious leader was a wonderful person. He just didn't have any time for race, for race relations. He-He just didn't have any time for black people. I got news for you. You can't accept Jesus Christ over here and reject black people over here. Why? Because the Jesus over here says, "I'm not over here. I'm in your black brother." And when you reject your black brother, guess who you're rejecting? And that cuts both ways. If you folks reject me, you're rejecting Jesus, for Jesus chooses to present Himself to you through me, just as He presents Himself to me through you. You cannot reject a person of the opposite race without simultaneously rejecting Jesus.


Diversity Conference 1995;

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