The Fundamentals : a testimony to the Truth (1917) Vol. 4


The Fundamentals : a testimony to the Truth (1917) Vol. 4



Modern philosophy / Philip Mauro

The knowledge of God / Rev. David James Burrell

The wisdom of this world / A.W. Pitzer

The science of conversion / Rev. h>M. Sydenstricker

The decadence of Darwinism / Rev. Henry H. Beach

The passing of evolution / Prof. George Frederick Wright

Evolutionism in the pulpit / occupant of the pew

The church and socialism / Prof. Charles R. Erman

Millennial dawn : a counterfeit of Christianity / Prof. William G. Moorehead

Mormonism : its origin, characteristics and doctrines / Rev. R.G. McNiece

Eddyism, commonly called :Christian Science" / Rev. Maurice E. Wilson

Modern spiritualism briefly tested by scripture / Algernon J. Pollock

Satan and his kingdom / Mrs. Jessie Penn-Lewis

Why save the Lord's day? / Rev. Daniel Hoffman Martin

Apologetic value of Paul's epistles / Rev. E.J. Stobo

Divine efficacy of prayer / Arthur T. Pierson

The proof of the living God, as found in the prayer life of George Muller, of Bristol / Arthur T. Pierson

Our Lord's teachings about monty / Arthur T. Pierson

The scriptures / Rev. A.C. Dixon

What the Bible contains for the believer / Rev. George F. Pentecot

The hope of the church / Rev. John MNicol

The coming of Christ / Prof. Charles R. Erdman

The testimony of Christian experience / E.Y. Mullins

A personal testimony / Howard A. Kelly

A personal testimony / Rev. H.W. Webb-Peploe

The personal testimony of Charles T. Studd / Charles T. Studd

A personal testimony Philip Mauro

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The Fundamentals : a testimony to the Truth (1917) Vol. 4