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Biola University Today / Cook

Integrating faith and history in the teaching of general education requirements / Dietrich Buss

Finding spiritual roots: undergraduate church history at Biola University / Leland Wilshire

Computerized research for New Testament studies / Robert Thomas

Greek language research and the TLG / Jay Shanor II

An agenda of issues in Christian social ethics for evangelical theologians / Henry Holloman

Ethical issues in industrial chemistry / Peter & Raylene Coad

Application of the integration of faith and learning in the course: "pragmetic social theories of communication: / Todd Lewis

The impoverishing of evangelical Christianity / Virginia Doland

Worship and music in the evangelical church during the 1980's / William Lock

The case for prayer persistency / Curtis Mitchell

Communicating..athletics and beyond / Betty Norman

A more positive stance needed by evangelicals / Tom Nash

Development perspective on spiritual growth / Robert Radcliffe

Biola abroad: an experiment in faith, learning and living / Reinhard Buss


Faculty forum

Publication Date



Biola University


La Mirada


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Faculty Forum 1984



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