Submit Your Research

Digital Commons supports most discrete file formats for text, audio, video, image, and data files. For textual works, PDFs are encouraged. The Biola Library can provide assistance if a PDF of the work is not available or the work is in print format only.

How Do I Submit My Work?

E-mail your submissions to Eileen Walraven at . We welcome scholarship of all kinds, including journal articles, essays, conference proceedings, book reviews, presentations, art images, and video productions.

We can also assist with checking copyrights of your published scholarship. Please contact the Scholary Communications Librarian, Jeremy Labosier for assistance. If you know you have permission, please send that along with your submission. Many publishers allow us to publish a pre- or post-print rather than the publisher's version, in which case we will ask you to furnish us with the final draft you sent to the publisher.

Book publishers do not generally allow re-publication in Digital Commons, but if you have permission, or have regained copyright of your book, we would be happy to publish it in Digital Commons.