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One of the most dangerous and harmful pamphlets or books published in the last year or two is the leaflet of Shailer Mathews entitled, "Will Christ Come Again?" The American Institute of Sacred Literature, with the large resources at its command, seems to have put forth its strongest efforts to get this pamphlet into the hands of every minister and prominent Christian worker in the land. In this attempt they have had the earnest and active co-operation of many influential ministers and religous bodies. When the pamphlet first appeared it seemed to many thoughtful people as though the reasoning of the pamphlet was so weak and many of the statements so manifestly false that the pamphlet would do good rather than harm by serving to open the eyes of many to the weakness of the cause of the postmillenarians, who felt compelled to resort to such methods as those illustrated in the pamphlet to prop up their waning cause. In point of fact this pamphlet has had this expected effect upon a great many; but on the other hand many were so determined that they would not be premillenarians that they have been ready to cordially welcome anything that attacked premillenarianism, even though it was full of the poison of unbelief.


Mathews, Shailer; Second Advent

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Bible Institute of Los Angeles


Los Angeles



“Will Christ Come Again?” an Exposure of the Foolishness, Fallacies and Falsehoods of Shailer Mathews

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