ARBOR VITAE : Pontus Willfors


ARBOR VITAE : Pontus Willfors


Pontus Willfors



ARBOR VITAE features sculptural works by Los Angeles based artist Pontus Willfors exploring tensions between idealized natural/organic forms and man-made/industrial constructions and materials.

Throughout, the artist’s frequent use of salvage materials evokes themes of death and rebirth, as the image of a tree—a symbol of vitality, beauty, and life—is drawn out from discarded material and products of industrial utility. This duality points with hopeful optimism to a process of transformation that builds on the layered history of each piece to restore a sense of wonder at the complex forms of life.

Cover image: Organic Form, 2009 (detail), by Pontus Willfors Artworks courtesy the artist and Edward Cella Art + Architecture, Los Angeles All artwork documentation photographs by Jeff Rau, curator, from exhibition in the Earl & Virginia Green Art Gallery.

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sculpture; natural; organic; salvage material; tree

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Exhibit, professional

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Exhibition Catalog


Art and Design | Art and Materials Conservation | Sculpture


The Earl & Virginia Green Art Gallery presents a program of rotating contemporary art exhibitions on the campus of Biola University. Located in the greater Los Angeles area, the Green Art Gallery is well positioned to represent a vital Christian worldview within the critical dialogue of contemporary visual art and to produce engaging exhibitions that grapple with issues concerning the intersection of faith with art and culture. The Green Art Gallery also provides professional development opportunities for Biola art students through gallery exhibitions and internships.


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ARBOR VITAE : Pontus Willfors