Exhibition catalog from juried group show in the Earl and Virginia Green Gallery at Biola University (La Mirada, CA) featuring artwork by students of the Biola University Art Department. November 7 – November 18, 2016.

Curatorial team: Hailey Currington, Hannah Dixon, Tom Li, Zechariah Liszewski, Brianna McGroarty, Shelby Montelongo, Sapphire Pride, Chad Swanson, Jacob Vasa

Featuring artwork by: Krystyny Vandenberg, Adrianna Coe, Marika Adamopoulos, Devan Carpentier, Kira Bester, Alexander Sarina, Shelby Montelongo, Avery Anton, Ruth Roatch, Lauren Fitterer, Austin Bland, Tom Li, Hope Daley, Janna Christian, Melanie Kim, Tony Walsh, Savannah Morra, Kristin Wong, Michelle Lum;

Show statement:

As our mind lies dormant, the line between the real and the surreal becomes lucid. Here our subconscious is awakened. This show aims to generate a space where artists have the ability and freedom to explore their dreams, memories, fears, and unspoken thoughts. This juried exhibition features nineteen student artists who have accessed these thoughts and have turned them into tangible works of art. These thoughts and ideas have expressed themselves as a functioning mess. Our minds are constantly flooded with images, ideas and feelings that are all at once chaotic, yet purposeful. The show is a product of these fleeting dormant forms that lie beneath the surface of our consciousness. Viewers will be challenged with engaging content that may evoke feelings of unrest and awe. How might theses feelings engage our own minds? How might diving into the mind of another shape our identities? Each work was intentionally chosen for their interconnectedness with each other and their attempt to delve into these ideas. Welcome to the subconscious.

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Exhibit, student

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Exhibition Catalog


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