BFA 2015-2016 Senior Show Catalog


BFA 2015-2016 Senior Show Catalog



Carnation Pink - design - Kat Ashford

What If - design - Noah Schrader

Weekend Warrior - design - Olivia Kincaid

Variant - design - Brianna Babcock

Rockhounder - design - James McCahon

Jemika (Jessica, Michelle, Katherine) - design - Jessica Guerra

Driving Fast Car - photography - Chris Rasmussen

The House that I Grew Up In, Of Which I Often Dream - design - Lex Aquilina

Rational But Not Animal - design - Ryan Cook

Uncharted Territory - design - Jessica Byrd

Earthly Soles - design - Robyn Barta

Eulogy - drawing - Arlene Cortes

Mahalo Come Again - design - Haylee Soma

Way of the Mind - drawing - Jacob Lucca

Foreign Exchange - design - Grace Pan

Unidentified Species - drawing - Gabriel Voris

Following Cairn - design - Sydney Hallman

Bear with One Another - sculpture - Ellen Cambruzzi

Jayden - photography - Stella Sim

Until Trees Sing - painting - Hannah Brown

Fruition - design - Leslie Chung

Death or Rest - interdisciplinary - Sarah Sundberg

Lethe - painting - Rachel Emenaker

Hammer and Nail - design - John Griffith

Heirlooms - Jenn Jenison

Is This remembrance... - photography - Natalie Crane

Bad Luck For A Long Time - sculpture - Allison Winters

Excuse Me - photography - Rachel Malek

Bleach Dry - design - Tyler Cash

In You - drawing/painting - Choongman Lee

Confession - design - Hannah Hughes

Nonmonotonous - sculpture - Rachel Crichton

Dark - design - Sarah Starck

Book design concept by Melanie Kim.Book layout by Melanie Kim and Chad Swanson.

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Spring 2016


BFA; drawing; design; sculpture; painting;

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Exhibit, senior

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Exhibition Catalog


Art and Design | Painting | Sculpture


The Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) degree in Art is the professional undergraduate degree that is highly desired by serious students intent on pursuing careers or advanced degrees in the visual arts. The program is designed to give art students flexibility to choose from one of five emphases: design, painting, photography, sculpture, or interdisciplinary. Design integrates a fine arts perspective into a curriculum that emphasizes conceptual thinking and develops technical proficiency in a variety of areas including print-based graphic design, web design and motion graphics. Painting embraces traditional and non-traditional approaches to drawing and painting while engaging students in current discourses within the discipline. Photography focuses on integrating the skills of black and white darkroom techniques with contemporary digital color practices to produce conceptually driven, photo-based art. Sculpture equips students to think creatively while developing proficiency in a variety of three-dimensional fabrication techniques including additive and subtractive processes, modeling, carving, mold-making and casting. The Interdisciplinary emphasis allows students flexibility in developing a custom art curriculum that blends upper-level studio courses from multiple disciplines.


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BFA 2015-2016 Senior Show Catalog