Efficacy, Efficiency, and Ethics in the Provision of Telepsychology Services: Emerging Applications for International Workers.

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Winter 2016


Computers and the Internet ushered humanity into a new era in the late 1900s—information on a variety of topics became widely available to the general public, and it became suddenly possible for individuals to communicate with one another instantaneously regardless of each person’s geographical location. According to some, the evolution of technology has outpaced humanity’s ability to learn how to manage technology properly, and this appears particularly true in the field of psychology. Instant messaging, social media sites, and video conferencing have all influenced the ways in which counselors and clients can interact. Questions remain, however, about the use of this technology. This paper addresses some of those questions by considering whether or not telepsychology is effective when it is used to conduct therapy and the circumstances under which a counselor might use a technological medium to provide such services. A review of some ethical considerations related to the use of technology in the service of providing therapeutic services is also included, as well as a discussion regarding the specific applicability of telepsychology services to international workers, specifically missionaries, serving abroad.


Technology--Psychological aspects; Missionaries;

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Journal of Psychology & Theology





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