Moving on, moving forward : a guide for pastors in transition


Moving on, moving forward : a guide for pastors in transition



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For most pastors and church staff members, gone are the days of serving at the same church for twenty or thirty years. What's more, the landscape of pastoral hiring has changed, with the advent of more sophisticated search committees, the Internet, and professional search firms. But the fine art of changing churches or moving to a new career isn't something most of us learned in seminary. Whether you are searching for your first position or are a seasoned veteran wrestling with if, when, and how to move on, Moving On, Moving Forward will help you navigate the ins and outs of the ministry employment maze. Based on research with nearly 200 pastors who themselves have gone through transitions in ministry, this book uniquely addresses the needs of people in ministry. It deals with the crucial and sometimes painful emotional and familial issues involved in ministry transition. And it is immensely practical and informed by many real-life examples. Topics covered include dealing with search committees, writing a letter of resignation, preparing a resume, negotiating compensation, and more. Includes charts and worksheets.


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Traveling by the book : a Christian view of vocation -- I have a dream : personal mission, vision, and values -- Anatomy of a carry-on bag : gifts, personality, talents, and temperament -- How to get there from here : drafting the travel itinerary -- Caution! Turbulent weather ahead : changing expectations of the twenty-first century church -- Paradise lost : knowing when it's time to leave -- Mapping your course : developing your exit strategy -- Getting away from it all : writing your letter of resignation -- Getting your travel documents in order : considering insurance, medical, and retirement needs -- Asking yourself the tough questions : hanging up the collar -- Dragging your family to the magic kingdom : addressing family issues that can't be ignored -- Updating your passport : revising your resume -- Communicating your travel plans : networking with friends and colleagues -- Unexpected detours : exploring the ins and outs of midlife career change -- Using a travel agent : dealing with professional search firms -- The long wait till dawn : dealing with the church search committee -- Are we almost there? : preparing for the interviewing process -- Scouting the land of milk and honey : visiting the church and community -- Obeying the tour guide : discerning God's call -- Can I afford this trip? : negotiating the compensation package -- Arriving at your destination : getting settled in your new community.

Moving on, moving forward : a guide for pastors in transition