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The purpose of this handbook is to provide researchers —both faculty and students— with a summary of the best practices for conducting scientific research within the School of Science, Technology, and Health (SSTH). This handbook will address basic as well as advanced guidelines for the researchers, scientists, and students working in the laboratories of the SSTH. Use this as a ready reference for the most important institutional guidelines, regulations, policies, and procedures.

All scientific research personnel, including research faculty, fellowship participants, graduate students, interns, laboratory technicians, undergraduate students under the direct or indirect supervision of SSTH faculty, or any other persons involved in any kind of scientific research are expected to be familiar with all relevant content herein. Faculty sponsors and/or the principal investigators will be responsible for providing access to this handbook to all scientific research personnel on their team, and for ensuring that the relevant information is conveyed effectively.


Scientific research; Guidelines; Policies; Procedures




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