The Fundamentals : a testimony to the truth (1917) Vol. 2

The Fundamentals : a testimony to the truth (1917) Vol. 2



The inspiration of the Bible - definition, estent and proof / Rev. James M. Gray

Inspiration / L.W. Munhall

The moral glory of Jesus Christ, a proof of inspiration / Rev. William G. Moorehead

The testimony of the scriptures to themselves / Rev. George S. Bishop

Testimony of the organic unity of the Bible to its inspiration / Arthur T. Pierson

Fulfilled prophecy a potent argument for the Bible / Arno C. Gaebelein

Life in the word / Philip Mauro

Is there a God? . Rev. Thomas Whitelaw

God in Christ the only revelation of the fatherhood of God / Robert E. Speer

The deity of Christ / Prof. Benjamin B. Warfield

The virgin birth of Christ / Rev. Prof. James Orr

The God-man / John Stock

The person and work of Jesus Christ / Bishop Nuelsen

The certainity and importance of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead / R.A. Torrey

The personality and deity of the Holy Spirit / R.A. Torrey

The Holy Spirit and the sons of God / Rev. W.J. Erdman

Observations on the conversion and apostleship of St.. Paul / Lord Lyttelton

Christianity no fable / Rev. Thomas Whitelaw

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The Fundamentals : a testimony to the truth (1917) Vol. 2