The Fundamentals : a testimony to the truth (1917)  Vol. 1


The Fundamentals : a testimony to the truth (1917) Vol. 1



...All the articles that appeared in The Fundamentals, with the exception of a very few that did not seem to be in exact keeping with the original purpose of The Fundaments, will be published in this 1917 series. R.A. Torry

The history of the higher criticism / Canon Dyson Hauge

The mosaic authorship of the pentateuch / Prof. George Frederick Wright

Fallacies of the higher criticism / Prof. Franklin Johnson

The Bible and modern criticism / F. Bettex

The holy scriptures and modern negations / Prof. James Orr

Christ and criticism / Sir Robert Anderson

Old Testament criticism and New Testament Christianity / Prof. W.H. Griffith Thomas

The tabernacle in the wilderness : did it exist? / David Heagle

Internal evidence of the fourth gospel / Canon G. Osborne Troop

The testimony of Christ to the Old Testament / William Caven

The early narratives of Genesis / Prof. James Orr

One Isaiah / Prof. George L. Robinson

The book of Daniel / Prof. Joseph D. Wilson

The doctrinal value of the first chapter of Genesis / Rev. Dyson Hauge

Three peculiarities of the pentateuch which are incompatible with the Graf-Wellhausen theories of its composition / Andrew Craig Robinson

The testimony of the monuments to the truth of the scriptures / Prof George Frederick Wright

The recent testimony of archaeology to the scriptures / M.G. Kyle

Science and Christian faith / Rev. Prof. James Orr

My personal experience with the higher criticism / Prof. J.J. Reeve

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The Fundamentals : a testimony to the truth (1917)  Vol. 1