The Fundamentals : a testimony to the truth Vol. 12

The Fundamentals : a testimony to the truth Vol. 12



Rev. A.C. Dixon edited the first five volumes of 'The Fundamentals". The next five books were taken in hand by the late Louis Meyer. Rev. R.A. Torrey edited volumes 11 and 12. The following are the names of the original committee to whom was committed full supervision of the movement: Rev. A.C. Dixon, Rev. R.A. Torrey, Rev. Louis Meyer, Mr. Henry P. Crowell, Mr. Thomas S. Smith, Mr. D.W. Potter, and Rev. Elmore Harris...

Since the movement began, some 2000,000 letters have been received, including many requests for the continuance of this testimony in some form. In compliance with these requests it is planned to undertake its continuance through "The King's Business", which is published by the Bible Institute of Los Angeles...(

This volume is largely devoted to evangelism at home and abroad.

Doctrines that must be emphasized in successful evangelism / L.W. Munhall

Pastoral and personal evangelism, or winning men to Christ one by one / Rev. John Timothy Stone

The Sunday School's true evangelism / Charles Gallaudet Trumbull

Foreign missions of world-wide evangelism / Robert E. Speer

What missionary motives should prevail? / Rev. Henry W. Frost

The place of prayer in evangelism / Rev. R.A. Torrey

The church and socialism / Prof. Charles R. Erdman

The fifteen books most indispensable for the minister or Christian worker

Index of articles in the twelve volumes of "The Fundamentals"

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The Fundamentals : a testimony to the truth Vol. 12