International Journal of Christianity and English Language Teaching

About This Journal

As an international publication, the IJC&ELT recognizes that there are diverse Christian traditions and perspectives throughout the world and therefore welcomes articles and reviews that deal with and address different Christian traditions and their connections to English language teaching. As a publication of the Christian English Language Educators Association (CELA), the main readership, however, is CELEA members, who themselves come from and bring a range of Christian perspectives to their work in ELT. Yet IJC&ELT’s interdisciplinary nature also makes it accessible and of interest to educators of various types (including teacher trainers and those working with English language learners), curriculum developers and materials writers, Christian organizations concerned about language issues, and other interested practitioners, researchers, and theorists.

The IJC&ELT was created by founding editors Michael Lessard-Clouston (Biola University) and Xuesong Andy Gao (University of Hong Kong), and published its first Volume in 2014. Dr. Gao co-edited Volumes 1-3 (through 2016), while Dr. Lessard-Clouston co-edited Volumes 1-4 (through 2017). Dr. Michael Pasquale replaced Dr. Gao in 2016, and Dr. Bradley Baurain replaced Dr. Lessard-Clouston in 2017. Both Drs. Baurain and Pasquale served as editors through 2022. After a hiatus, the journal continued in the fall of 2023 with editors Dr. Icy Lee (National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University) and Dr. Jan Dormer (Taylor University).

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