International Journal of Christianity and English Language Teaching


This article addresses three questions from the perspective of a Christian writing teacher educator: (1) How can we live out our Christian faith and values in the teaching of writing? (2) How can we help students become more aware of issues of spirituality and develop God-given abilities through writing? (3) How can we encourage students to write in ways that are pleasing to God? To address the first question, I draw mainly upon my own research on feedback and classroom writing assessment in L2 writing, as well as my experience as a writing teacher educator in Hong Kong, and address issues about Christian faith and values as we respond to and assess student writing. To address the second question, I explore a range of writing pedagogies that teachers can adopt to encourage students to attend to issues of spirituality, create meaning and express individuality, and above all, to foster God-given abilities in students. Finally, to address the third question, I examine what teachers can do to encourage students to write in ways that are pleasing to God, for instance, when they are engaged in Internet-based social networking. I conclude by suggesting that teachers can live out their Christian faith through writing and teaching writing, and it is important that they serve as good role models for students by taking on the role of writers themselves



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