International Journal of Christianity and English Language Teaching


online education; blended learning; educaitonal technology


Sweeping changes across the landscape of higher education have made colleges and universities around the country and around the world reassess their mission and reevaluate their priorities. One paradigm shift that is affecting both Christian and non-Christian institutions alike is adjusting to how new technological platforms for course offerings are changing the way curriculum content is shared and interactions with others is mediated. This shift can be seen most readily in the almost universal trend toward offering more courses online either through blended learning or completely online program models. As this trend continues, Christian educators (especially those in ELT training or teaching) need to wrestle with how this change in the mode of instruction can open up new opportunities to teach in ways that are distinctly Christian and reflect the presence of Christ into a now virtual classroom. This article seeks to contribute to this conversation and prompt further discussion and shared reflection on this topic.



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