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Philosophy of Justice, Spirituality & Education Journal

For more information, please see Justice, Spirituality & Education Journal Aims and Scope page.

Who Can Submit?

The editorial board of this journal encourages the submission of quantitative and qualitative research-based studies, theory-building articles, and literature reviews. The research on which articles are based must have university review board (IRB or the equivalent) approval. Literature reviews must incorporate the review of at least 25 publications, including the most recent ones on the focus topic. Our journal encourages qualitative and quantitative, research-based studies, theory-building articles, and literature reviews in APA format.

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General Submission Rules

The article offered has not been previously published, nor is another journal presently considering it for publication (or, if one of the above is true, an explanation has been provided in Comments to the Editor).

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Manuscript Criteria

Manuscripts submitted to the JSE Journal will be reviewed utilizing the following criteria: The paper is a qualitative or quantitative analysis, research-based study, theory-building article, or literature review, in APA format. The abstract clearly states the type of paper (e.g., research-based study, literature review). Ideas presented were significant/relevant to the intersection of justice, spirituality, and education. Reference to literature cited provided a conceptual framework for research or theory-building. Methods used (if manuscript is an empirical study): asked appropriate questions, described methods thoroughly including data collection process and data analysis. Conclusions logically flowed from the literature and the data generated. Article significantly contributed to the field. Submission used excellent writing style, clearly presented ideas, and followed APA and JSE guidelines.

You may contact the editors via email (Dr. Nicholas Block, nicholas.block@biola.edu or Dr. Yvana Uranga-Hernandez, yvana.hernandez@biola.edu) or by writing Justice, Spirituality, and Education Journal, School of Education, Biola University, 13800 Biola Avenue, La Mirada, CA 90639. Communication by e-mail is preferred.