Justice, Spirituality & Education Journal

Checklist to Submit Manuscripts

To enhance prompt review of manuscript review, we offer authors the check-list below to encourage submission compliance. Manuscripts lacking adherence to these guidelines will be returned to their authors.

  1. File type — The file submitted is in Microsoft Word or RTF format.

  2. Format — The file submitted is in Microsoft Word or RTF format.

  3. Text — The text is double-spaced; uses 1 inch margins; employs a 12-point font; utilizes italics, rather than underlining (except with URL addresses); and provides all illustrations, figures, and tables within the text at the appropriate points.

  4. Abstract and Key Words — An abstract of 150 words is included for all types of scholarly articles; 5-10 key words are provided for ease of Internet searches.

  5. Style — The submission consistently follows the American Psychological Association Publication Manual's (APA) most current edition.

  6. Length — The submission limits the article length to no less than 5,000 words and no more than 20,000 words (1200 – 1800 words for book reviews) exclusive of references and appendices.

  7. Language — The submission is written in readable, professional American English using standard conventions of writing avoids jargon, and clearly defines technical terms.

  8. Emerging Technology Use — Since JSE provides an on-line venue for scholarship that employs emerging technologies, you may use graphics, photographs, video streaming or other technologies; all graphics and photographs must utilize *jpeg or *gif format.

  9. Copyright — The authors secured written permission to use any copyrighted material in excess of 150 words. JSE will not be responsible for the cost incurred as a result of the permission.

  10. Releases — Authors have obtained all necessary releases/permissions required for their article (e.g., permission from parents to use and electronically circulate photos of a child’s drawing). Authors have signed the form verifying that all necessary releases were obtained. Download the Copyright Permission Form.

  11. Blinding of Manuscript — All author names, references to place of employment, funding sources, self-citations or other identifying information has been removed from the submitted manuscript.

  12. Author profile — The author profile is a complete and updated 2-paragraph description of recent jobs, publications, and/or personal information on the author.