Justice, Spirituality & Education Journal


Religious education; Social justice and education


The issue of justice and social justice has been and still is a controversial topic in society today. A struggle exists both to define and to enact it. The same can be said of the concepts of spirituality and education. The concepts of justice, spirituality, and education intersect in community responsibility, the topic of this journal. A brief examination of the secular, Judeo- Christian, and Biblical definitions of the terms justice, spirituality, and education lends insight, not only into how communities compare and contrast one another in their working definitions of these terms, but also serves to identify commonalities and points of agreement between diverse perspectives which can serve as a platform for further dialogue. Furthermore, this paper hopes to bring about a deeper understanding of God and His desire for humankind, bringing into sharper focus how we ought to conduct ourselves as a community of grace, in a fallen world, as we equip the next generation.



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