Submissions from 2008

Encountering Missionary Life and Work: Preparing for Intercultural Ministry, Tom Steffen

Submissions from 2007


Emerging College Generation and Missions: Issues, Attitudes, Postures and Passions, Murray S. Decker


Language scaffolding in second language writing, John Liang


Making God the Hero-King of the Great Commission Company, Tom Steffen

Submissions from 2006

New Americans : the progress of Asian Indians in America, George P. Alexander


Breadth and Depth Specialized Vocabulary Learning in Theology among Native and Non-Native English Speakers, Michael Lessard-Clouston

Forging new identities: A journey of collaboration between native and nonnative English-speaking educators, John Liang

Business As Mission: From Impoverished to Empowered, Tom Steffen

Reconnecting God's Story to Ministry: Cross-cultural Storytelling at Home and Abroad, Tom Steffen

Submissions from 2005


Late Prehistoric Dog Burial Associated with Human Graves in Orange County, California, Paul E. Langenwalter

Submissions from 2003


Mission Mobilization: The Radical Project, Murray S. Decker


Missiology's Journey for Acceptance in the Educational World, Tom Steffen

Submissions from 2001

Wrestling with dark angels : toward a deeper understanding of the supernatural forces in spiritual warfare, Douglas P. Pennoyer

Submissions from 2000

Saturday night in Pasadena: Wholeness, healing, and holiness at Harvest Rock church, Douglas Hayward

Business As Usual in the Mission's Enterprise?, Tom Steffen


Reaching “Resistant” People through Intentional Narrative, Tom Steffen

Submissions from 1997

Vernacular Christianity Among the Mulia Dani: An Ethnography of Religious Belief Among the Western Dani of Irian Jaya, Indonesia, Douglas Hayward

Passing the Baton (Revised ed.), Tom Steffen

Submissions from 1994


A Narrative Approach to Communicating the Bible, Tom Steffen