Submissions from 2011


C. S. Lewis is a Eudaimonist: Response to Goetz, David A. Horner

Mind your faith : a student's guide to thinking & living well, David A. Horner


Vine in John 15 and Old Testament imagery in the 'I am' statements., John C. Hutchison

Godly conversation : rediscovering the Puritan practice of conference, Joanne J. Jung

Knowing grace : cultivating a lifestyle of Godliness, Joanne J. Jung

Youth ministry from a family perspective, Daivd Keehn


Strong and Weak Lines : Permeable Boundaries between Church and Culture in the Letter of James, Darian R. Lockett

Neuroscience and Substance Dualism, James Porter Moreland


Christology and the Christian Life in the Preaching of John Chrysostom, Ashish J. Naidu


Skeptics Can Win (But Almost Never Will), Timothy H. Pickavance

Partners in marriage & ministry : a biblical picture of gender equality, Ronald W. Pierce

Contentment as a Christian Virtue, Stephen L. Porter

Business for the common good : a Christian vision for the marketplace, Scott B. Rae

Outside the womb : moral guidance for assisted reproduction, Scott B. Rae

Wisdom from business, Scott B. Rae


Canon as Tradition: The New Covenant and the Hermeneutical Question, Mark R. Saucy


Regnum Spiriti: the kingdom of God and spiritual formation, Mark R. Saucy


Regnum spiriti: the role of the Spirit in the social ethics of the kingdom., Mark R. Saucy

Life's biggest questions : what the Bible says about the things that matter most, K. Erik Thoennes

Minister's meltdown : getting help for yourself, Kevin L. Van Lant

Submissions from 2010


Theological Interpretation and Evangelical Systematic Theology : Iron Sharpening Iron?, Uche Anizor

Ephesians, Clint E. Arnold


Faustus Socinus and John Calvin on the merits of Christ., Alan W. Gomes


Vindicating God's servants in Philippi and in Philippians: the influence of Paul's ministry in Philippi upon the composition of Philippians 2:6-11., Joseph H. Hellerman

Christianity in the Greco-Roman world : a narrative introduction, Moyer V. Hubbard

Case for the prewrath rapture, Alan Hultberg

Prewrath response, Alan Hultberg

Prewrath response, Alan Hultberg


Learning from Jesus to live in the manner Jesus would if he were I: biblical grounding for Willard's proposal regarding Jesus' humanity., Klaus Dieter Issler


Six themes to guide spiritual formation ministry based on Jesus' Sermon on the Mount., Klaus Dieter Issler

Christian formation : integrating theology & human development, Jonathan H. Kim

Growing in Wisdom and Stature: Recent Research on Spirituality and Faith Formation, Kevin E. Lawson

Following Jesus, the servant king : a biblical theology of covenantal discipleship, Jonathan M. Lunde

Shepherd, Vine and Bones : The Use of Ezekiel in the Gospel of John, Gary T. Manning

Here today, there tomorrow : unleashing your church's potential, Gary McIntosh

Grossmann on Existence and Property-Instances : Suarez’s Way Out, James Porter Moreland


Theology as Queen and Psychology as Handmaid: The Authority of Theology in Integrative Endeavors, Stephen L. Porter


Willardian corpus, Steven L. Porter

Virtues of capitalism : a moral case for free markets, Scott B. Rae


Joel Green's anthropological monism: Biblical, theological, and philosophical considerations., R. Scott Smith


Assessing sacred asses: Bronze Age donkey burials in the Near East, Kenneth C. Way

Submissions from 2009

Contending with Christianity's critics : answering new atheists & other objectors, William Lane Craig

Word in small boats : sermons from Oxford, Andy Draycott

Deep Preaching : creating sermons that go beyond the superficial, J. Kent Edwards


Leading ministry teams Part II Research on effective teams with implications for ministry team leadership, Orbelina Eguizabal and Kevin E. Lawson


Leading ministry teams Part I Theological reflection on ministry teams, Orbelina Eguizabal and Kevin E. Lawson


Rapture of the Christ: The "Pre-Ascension Ascension" of Jesus in the Theology of Faustus Socinus (1539--1604), Alan W. Gomes


Brothers and Friends in Philippi: Family Honor in the Roman World and in Paul’s Letter to the Philippians, Joseph H. Hellerman

When the church was a family, Joseph H. Hellerman


Μορφη Θεου as a signifier of social status in Philippians 2:6., Joseph H. Hellerman


Servanthood: Jesus' countercultural call to Christian leaders., John C. Hutchison


Inner core belief formation, spiritual practices, and the willing-doing gap, Klaus Dieter Issler

Purity and Polemic : A Reassessment of Jude’s Theological World, Darian R. Lockett

Taking your church to the next level : what got you here won't get you there, Gary McIntosh

Tempted for us : theological models and the practical relevance of Christ's impeccability and temptation, John Elton McKinley

God question, James Porter Moreland

Recalcitrant Imago Dei : human persons and the failure of naturalism, James Porter Moreland


First Corinthians 7: Paul's Neglected Treatise on Gender, Ronald W. Pierce

Dostoyevsky, Woody Allen, and the Doctrine of Penal Substitution, Stephen L. Porter

Moral choices : an introduction to ethics, Scott B. Rae

Emergents, Evangelicals, and the Importance of Truth : Some Philosophical and Spiritual Lessons, R. Scott Smith


Animals in the prophetic world: literary reflections on Numbers 22 and 1 Kings 13, Kenneth C. Way

Submissions from 2008

Theology for Christian Education, Michael J. Anthony

How we got the Bible : a visual journey, Clint E. Arnold

Sing and Learn New Testament Greek [Audio CD], Kenneth Berding

Three views on the New Testament use of the Old Testament, Kenneth Berding and Jonathan M. Lunde

Equipping children for ministry, Jane Carr


Some Observations on the Theological Method of Faustus Socinus (1539–1604), Alan W. Gomes

In search of a confident faith : overcoming barriers to trusting in God, Klaus Dieter Issler and James Porter Moreland

God and ‘the World’ : Cosmology and Theology in the Letter of James, Darian R. Lockett

Purity and worldview in the Epistle of James, Darian R. Lockett


Structure of communicative strategy?: the 'two ways' motif in James' theological instruction, Darian R. Lockett


Trends and challenges for ministry among North America's largest generation., Gary McIntosh

Consciousness and the existence of God : a theistic argument, James Porter Moreland


Sanctification in a new key: relieving evangelical anxieties over spiritual formation, Stephen L. Porter

Godly jealousy : a theology of intolerant love, K. Erik Thoennes


What Jesus Hated, Michael J. Wilkins

Submissions from 2007

Perspectives on children's spiritual formation : four views, Michael J. Anthony

Moving on, moving forward : a guide for pastors in transition, Michael J. Anthony and Mick Boersma

Naturalism and intelligent design, William Lane Craig

Passionate conviction : contemporary discourses on Christian apologetics, William Lane Craig

Two metaphysical models of the Incarnation, Garrett J. DeWeese

Faith, film and philosophy : big ideas on the big screen, R. Douglas Geivett

Jesus and the people of God : reconfiguring ethnic identity, Joseph H. Hellerman

Jesus in trinitarian perspective : an introductory christology, Klaus Dieter Issler and Fred R. Sanders


Cognition and faith formation: a reflection on the interrelationship of schema, thema, and faith., Jonathan H. Kim

Overcoming the dark side of leadership : how to become an effective leader by confronting potential failures, Gary McIntosh

Intelligent Design and Evolutionary Psychology as Research Programs : A Comparison of Their Most Plausible Specifications, James Porter Moreland

Running in Place or Running in its Proper Place, James Porter Moreland

Integridad al maximo : un acercamiento judeo-cristiano a la etica de los negocios, Scott B. Rae

Reflections on McLaren and the Emerging Church, R. Scott Smith

Invitation to biblical preaching : proclaiming truth with clarity and relevance, Donald K. Sunukjian


Laughing through tears: the redemptive role of humor in a fallen world, Erik Thoennes

Submissions from 2006

What are spiritual gifts? : rethinking the conventional view, Kenneth Berding

Pantheists in spite of themselves : God and infinity in contemporary theology, William Lane Craig


Is Aquinas an Act-Ethicist or an Agent-Ethicist?, David A. Horner

Lost virtue of happiness : discovering the disciplines of the good life, Klaus Dieter Issler and James Porter Moreland

Beyond the first visit the complete guide to connecting guests to your church, Gary McIntosh

Thriving churches in the twenty-first century : 10 life-giving systems for vibrant ministry, Gary McIntosh

General Ontology and Theology : A Primer, James Porter Moreland