Submissions from 2014

Associate staff ministry : thriving personally, professionally, and relationally, Mick Boersma and Kevin E. Lawson

Bible studies for life : beyond belief - Bible study book : exploring the character of God, Freddy Cardoza


Biblical Worldview: The Christian Higher Education Foundation for Learning, Octavio Javier Esqueda


Spanish Reformation and Christian teaching: timeless educational principles from Antonio del Corro and Constantino Ponce de la Fuente., Octavio Javier Esqueda

God's super-apostles : encountering the worldwide prophets and apostles movement, R. Douglas Geivett

New Apostolic Reformation? : a biblical response to a worldwide movement, R. Douglas Geivett

Verbal aspect theory and the prohibitions in the Greek New Testament, Douglas S. Huffman


Exploring the pervasive references to work in Jesus' parables, Klaus Dieter Issler



Children Learning the Faith in the Middle Ages: Learning from Past Practices for Present Ministry, Kevin E. Lawson


More than silent preaching: didactic use of wall painting in the Middle Ages, Kevin E. Lawson

Same-sex marriage : a thoughtful approach to God's design for marriage, Sean McDowell

Soul : how we know it's real and why it matters, James Porter Moreland


First Adam-Second Adam Typology in John Chrysostom and Cyril of Alexandria, Ashish J. Naidu


Bare Particulars and Exemplification, Timothy H. Pickavance


Gradual Nature of Sanctification: Σάρξ as Habituated, Relational Resistance to the Spirit, Stephen L. Porter

Not willing that any should perish : an apologetic for pro-life activism, Scott B. Rae

Israel as a necessary theme in Bible theology, Mark R. Saucy


Personal ethics of the New Covenant: how does the Spirit change us?, Mark R. Saucy

In search of moral knowledge overcoming the fact-value dichotomy, R. Scott Smith

Is Man the Measure? Truth and Postmodernism in Perspective, R. Scott Smith

Beloved dust // : drawing close to God by discovering the truth about yourself, Kyle Strobel

Theology in the Gaze of the Father: Retrieving Jonathan Edwards’s Trinitarian Aesthetics, Kyle Strobel

Invitation to James : persevering through trials to win the crown, Donald K. Sunukjian

Invitation to Philippians : building a great Church through humility, Donald K. Sunukjian

Invitation to the life of Jacob : winning through losing, Donald K. Sunukjian


Yahweh the Dragon: Exploring a Neglected Biblical Metaphor for the Divine Warrior and the Translation of ’Ap, Charlie Trimm

YHWH fights for them! : the divine warrior in the Exodus narrative, Charlie Trimm


Beyond Capes and Cowbells: How a Christian Approach to Law and Virtue Transcends Both Autonomy and Authoritarianism, Thaddeus John Williams

Submissions from 2013

Luther, the priesthood of believers, and the theological interpretation of scripture, Uche Anizor

Value of spiritual classics in soul care, Betsy A. Barber


At the intersection of mission and spiritual formation in the letters of Paul., Kenneth Berding


Who Searches Hearts and What Does He Know in Romans 8:27?, Kenneth Berding

Temptations in reading spiritual classics, John H. Coe

Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs, Edward M. Curtis

Living witness : explorations in missional ethics, Andy Draycott


Educational ministry in Latin America and the Caribbean, Orbelina Eguizabal

Foundations for academic leadership, Orbelina Eguizabal


Perspectives on the educational ministry of the Christian church in Latin America., Orbelina Eguizabal


Growth and impact of Pentecostalism in Latin America., Octavio Javier Esqueda

Embracing shared ministry : power and status in the early church and why it matters toda, Joseph H. Hellerman

Disciples of John the Baptist in the Fourth Gospel : Hearers of John, Followers of Jesus, Gary T. Manning

Temple Police : Double Agents, Gary T. Manning

What every pastor should know : 101 indispensable rules of thumb for leading your church, Gary McIntosh


Analytic Philosophy and Christian Theology, Jason McMartin


Sleep, sloth, and sanctification., Jason McMartin


Spiritual Formation Training at Rosemead School of Psychology, Jason McMartin


Conceptualist argument for a spiritual substantial soul, James Porter Moreland

Debating Christian theism, James Porter Moreland


Exemplification and Constituent Realism: A Clarification and Modest Defense, James Porter Moreland

Why should we read spiritual classics?, Stephen L. Porter

Letters of the divine word : the perfections of God in Karl Barth's church dogmatics, Robert B. Price

Doing the right thing, Scott B. Rae

Minding the heart : the way of spiritual transformation, Robert L. Saucy

Story of the Old Testament, David Lee Talley

Gospels and Acts, Michael J. Wilkins

Lucas, Teología de, Matthew C. Williams

Submissions from 2012


Sceva, Solomon, and Shamanism : The Jewish Roots of the Problem at Colossae, Clint E. Arnold

Five sacred crossings : a novel, Craig J. Hazen


Kept safe through childbearing: maternal mortality, justification by faith, and the social setting of 1 Timothy 2:15., Moyer V. Hubbard

Christian contours : how a biblical worldview shapes the mind and heart, Douglas S. Huffman

Handy guide to New Testament Greek : grammar, syntax, and diagramming, Douglas S. Huffman


Receiving Jesus as messiah king: a synoptic study on the way to Luke's triumphal entry account., Douglas S. Huffman

Approaching formative scripture: reading with both head and heart., Klaus Dieter Issler


Five key barriers to deep learning and character formation based primarily on Jesus' parable of the four soils., Klaus Dieter Issler

Living into the life of Jesus : the formation of Christian character, Klaus Dieter Issler


Discourse of faith and learning, Rick Langer


Kingdom integration: reflections on premillennialism and cultural engagement, Rick Langer


Points of unease with the spiritual formation movement., Rick Langer


Learning the Faith in England in the Later Middle Ages: Contributions of the Franciscan Friars, Kevin E. Lawson

Understanding children's spirituality : theology, research, and practice, Kevin E. Lawson

God is impassible and impassioned : toward a theology of divine emotion, Rob Lister

Introduction to the Catholic Epistles, Darian R. Lockett

Understanding biblical theology : a comparison of theory and practice, Darian R. Lockett


Paul's creative and contextual use of Isaiah in Ephesians 5:14, Jonathan M. Lunde


Paul's creative and contextual use of Psalm 68 in Ephesians 4:8, Jonathan M. Lunde

There's hope for your church : first steps to restoring health and growth, Gary McIntosh

Being the church in a multi-ethnic community : why it matters and how it works, Gary McIntosh and Alan McMahan


Jesus Christ’s Temptation, John Elton McKinley


Psalms 16, 22, and 110. Historically Interpreted as Referring to Jesus, John Elton McKinley

Arguments about human persons, James Porter Moreland

Blackwell companion to natural theology, James Porter Moreland and William Lane Craig

Transformed in Christ : christology and the Christian life in John Chrysostom, Ashish J. Naidu

Beyond integrity : a Judeo-Christian approach to business ethics, Scott B. Rae

Language of human dignity in the abortion debate, Scott B. Rae




Role of Chiasm for Understanding Christology in Hebrews 1:1-14, Victor S. Rhee


Could we know reality, given physicalism? Nancey Murphy's views as a test case, R. Scott Smith

Naturalism and our knowledge of reality : testing religious truth-claims, R. Scott Smith

Preaching Isaiah 53, Donald K. Sunukjian


Did YHWH condemn the nations when he elected Israel?: YHWH's disposition toward non-Israelites in the Torah, Charlie Trimm

Donkeys in the biblical world : ceremony and symbol, Kenneth C. Way

Taking Up the Cross, John 13:4, Matthew C. Williams

Submissions from 2011


Spirited Humanity : The Trinitarian Ecclesiology of Colin Gunton, Uche Anizor

Theology of family ministries, Michael J. Anthony


Polycarp’s Use of 1 Clement : an Assumption Reconsidered, Kenneth Berding

Walking in the Spirit, Kenneth Berding

Crisis on the doorstep, Freddy Cardoza

Doing philosophy as a Christian, Garrett J. DeWeese

Being good : Christian virtues for everyday life, R. Douglas Geivett